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So just a gaming questionPosted:

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I don't know if theirs a forum for this question or not, but I get asked often about gaming headsets.

What is the best gaming headset? Between Xbox one, and PS4.

I get asked mainly between astros and turtle beach.

I hear that turtle beach give you more bang for your buck, but I'd rather have quality over quantity.

So, what's the best gaming headset? Please provide reasoning. Thanks
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I have the Astro A40 with a mix amp pro ( for PC ). Personally i think they are great i can game with them for hours on end. The downside however it that the microphone is terrible it your getting astros you may as well get a blue snowball ice ect.

-7.1 Surround Sound
-Custom Kits
-Has a Microphone
-Great for long gaming sessions


-Bad Microphone
- Don't smash into a table ( -.- rip my astros )

Overall they are a great pair of headphone for gaming maybe not for walking around town ect but for gaming and especially long hours of it they are great. I play alot of overwatch and i can hear people behind me ( which is really helpful ).

Honestly if you are getting a pair of Astros get the A50's they are wireless and have better quality. But are like £250-£300. I love my A40's though and i don't think i'l be giving them up anytime soon. ( had them for about 3 years now and still work great) .

These is my headset ( + a mic amp pro )

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get a40s, im only saying it because of how comfy they are

i ran through 3 pairs in less than a year tho so dont throw them and stuff lmao
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