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My roommates gone crazy.Posted:

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My roommate has gone crazy, guys.

I share an apartment with one roommate. We are coworkers, but work different shifts. We became best friends at work and got a place together closer to our job. We've been here about 10 months so far, and have 9 left.

To start off, what's happening now is so stupid and petty but its a matter of principle.

We each have a different shelf for our own food in the pantry. At some point I noticed a bottle of hot sauce on my shelf, thats definitely not mine. Never bought it, dont even like it. So I put it on his shelf. A while later it was back on my shelf. It just kept going back and forth between shelves for a while. I figured it was a lighthearted joke. He says its not his, and i know its not mine. It could have gone back and forth forever for all i cared.
But about 2 days ago, i came home from work and found that he taped the bottle to my doorknob to my room. And said "the joke is over throw it out or im throwing it in your room". So obviously, if he's talking to me like that, im not going to do what he wants. If he' demanding me to throw it away, im not going to. If he he asked nicely, I may have. So I put the bottle in the counter in the kitchen, with a note that said "so throw it out then, you could have already... its not mine".
When he found it he texted me flipping out . I came home and found that he has wrote, with duct tape, on my door "TRY ME" and taped the bottle to my door again.
So I took the RY and removed the middle - from the E, so it formed a C, and put CRY on his door. Then left his excess tape and the bottle back on the counter again. Came back the next time, and it was taped to my door again. I put it on the counter again. Came home this morning, and he tied it to my doorknob with string so i tied it on his door with a note that says "just returning your string to you, the way i found it".

I really dont care. Im a lighthearted person, and to me its harmless joking. If its neither of ours and it stays, i dont care. So if he wants it gone so badly he can throw it away. I mean, am I right?

I know someone is going to say just grow up and throw it away. But again, its about the principle. He's always acting like he's my boss and he's not. Crazy, right?

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Sounds like some friendly banter tbh, but if it affects the friendship, just get rid of it. Not worth the hassle of something so petty xD
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Sounds like shits getting fairly heated over some hot sauce
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I loterally laughed reading this.
This some stuff i did in HS with some buddies to see which one would be pissed off first.

I just hope he dont hot sauce anything of value.
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Lol feel bad for you but pretty funny
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I'm still crying reading through this xD
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Lol your roommate gone crazy? Or both of you? Throw it away.
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Super Glue it to something.
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Lmao, i'd tape it to his ceiling so when he goes to lay down and looks up its right above his bed.
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2 grown men... jesus.
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