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What Nationality do you Identify asPosted:

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So recently I asked my family what they identify as we are Scotland born so we can either be British or Scottish
Personally I Identify as Scottish I also hate being called British and I think 9-10 Scottish people agree So I was just wondering if any other British born people identify as.
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  • Winter 2017
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This seems like it's continental specific, like would someone from Germany call themselves German or European. Seems a bit weird.

Regardless I am welsh and if someone were to ask that would be my answer.
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  • E3 2017
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I guess American. White American. I don't know. Overall, not a nationality kind of person. I know my dad's side has Italian, my mom's has German, and my last name is English. Other than that, I don't know and don't care. We humans came from the same place so it just doesn't matter to me much.
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mexican american
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I was born in Russia and lived there until I was 13, so my nationality will always be Russian. I live in America now, but I wouldn't call myself an American. I'm not staying here forever and as soon as I go back to Russia, I'm handing over my American citizenship as I don't have plans to ever return. I just see myself as a Russian national who has a dual-citizenship because of my mother making a rash decision. Russian-American just sounds weird to me anyways lol
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I am Latin American
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I'm American but my dad was a full blooded Cherokee Indian so I'm American / Indian
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I'm a sovereign citizen.
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Im American
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