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COD 4 PHY's J-Tag Hosting (Templar v6) [Staff] InfectionsPosted:

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Hosting via J-Tag can host any patch wanted.

Menus I can host

Asap v1
Black Brotherhood v1.9
Black Brotherhood v2.3
Black Sun v3.8
Black Sun v4.3
bonez v2 1234
BUSTEDTWINKIE and DimeBag Derrell's GirlsGoneWild Ulimate 3some v2.00
BZeRK Austin's Patch
CHEMOs CoD4 Project
CoD4 Glitching Menu

Dev Modding
Dezignz Patch
Dimebag and twinkies v5 mod menu
Dimebag Derrell and BUSTEDTWINKIE Walmart Patch
Disconnectinq cod4 infection patch
Disconnectinq Cod4 Patch
DM Bonez Menu
DM Bonez v3 Infect Mod Menu
DM McFatty 2.6 lol 2
DMbonZ a**&t**s
Dr3am v1 BETA
Dvars v1 dconner menu
Flying Turnip Control Menu v3

Flying Turnip v3
FULL Tizlar1337 Mod Menu
Get Blazed v3
Get F****d V3
Get High And Fly
GhettoMods' Patch (Infinite r2r)
HDGs CoD4 Infectable Mod Menu Patch
iCHEEEEEEEEEted's menu
iCHEEEEEEEEEted PIMP menu base!

iTangyz v3.8
Jelly v1
JesusModss Infection Patch v2
Jew-Modz's cod4 infectable mod menu
JM's Infection Patch v.1
LADMod's v1 CoD4 Patch
Lewiis1337 Poison Fumes v1
Merk 640 Destroy all
Merk640 Original

Mixtapes Patch made by BoNeZ
Mod Menu + Smart Bots
MrKeirLi R2R Spaceship Patch
oG Mod's Infinite r2r Mod Menu
OGMz Easy CoD4 Patch
Poloz v5 CoD4
Project 420
Project H4X Final Versoin
Project Mary Jane
R2R Busted
R3cKL3SS aM's Patch

Recklesskiller CL
Recklesskiller Jumper Patch
Red Neck's r2r Mod Menu
Red Shift CoD4
Red Shift 1.2
Red Shift 1.2
RonsxD CoD4 Infectable Mod Menu
Ruily 16
SectionXbox You Want This v1
Smileh4x's Mod Menu v1.00

SniPZz Qc V0.5 Beta
Sparky's Nation CoD4 Patch
Spiderwebs Patch (Infectable Mod Menu
SynTexz 2.6 Patch
T Raw Lobbys' v3 Boss Patch
Teh1337 v5 INFINITE R2R
Teh1337 Pimp v4.5
Teh1337 Infinte *** Patch v5
TehModder100x's cod4 mod menu
Templar v2

Templar v5 update
Templar v6
Tizlar1337 Call of Duty 4 Infinte Retail to Retail Patch
Tizlar1337 Mega Menu
Tizlar1337 R2R Mega Menu
TNN AND SynTex v1 + v2
ToxxicJtag & iCheeeeeeeeeted R2R
T-Raw-Lobby v3 BOSS CoD4
Unseen AutoMatic R2R2R infectable mod menu
XeHaze Eclipse v4.5 R2R Menu

(Credit goes to patch makers I didn't make these)

Currently hosting :

Templar v6

Current Gamertag: JumpyBiscut62

Menu Hosted

Templar v6 Staff

---How to get in---

Post your Gamertag below for a faster invite.
Invite to a private chat and wait for invite to the lobby
Wait for everyone to get in so we can start it up


---Rules when ya join---

1. No obnoxious noises Screaming/Yelling/Music.
2. Don't tell me when to start the game.
3. Post legit and Gamertag.
4. No spamming
5. Must be in gamechat

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Do we get a infection menu? Or is it just fun lobbies
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Closed, please message me or another staff with dashboard proof.
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