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1k News Comments - EZ SPAMPosted:

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1k News Comments

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Hit the 1k spamz which took a little while from when I started but hey I have to keep that ATH badge so expect me to be at 3k by next week. Although, expect the spamz to slow down slightly due to fifa taking over my life rn (spent £284 in one hour yesterday rip).

Don't really have a 'thanks' list but just thanks to people over in the SB.

Not sure what to aim for next, most news comments on the website?

The Following 5 Users Say Thank You to Silky For This Useful Post:

Blizzard (09-23-2017), Zesri (09-22-2017), RepBandit (09-22-2017), Xbox (09-22-2017), Decy (09-22-2017)
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Grats on the spam badge bud

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congratulations on the spam nerd
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COngrats man on the EZ SPAM! haha, good job mate.
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Congrats on the spam mate
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Congrats my fellow spammer.
I'll be with ya soon
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Congratulations silky, keeping up with the news I see
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Well congrats !!
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Grats on all the spam
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Congrats on the 1k news comments keep it up an you'll be spamming your way to 3k
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