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Marvel's New Upcoming Show "The Punisher"Posted:

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Anyone remember "The Punisher" from "Marvel's Daredevil"? Well, Frank Castle is back! Sometime later this year he will soon have his very own show! Based on trailer it looks like it will be a pretty freaking good show. I'm not sure if many people will agree with me but I was kinda underwhelmed and let down by Marvel's latest installment "The Defenders" and I think this is just what Marvel's TV show universe needs to get back on track!

I'll leave you guys with the trailer down below! Let me know your guys' thoughts on this show!

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The Defenders imo, was great, was pretty much Daredevil season 3.5.

Not looking forward to this that much but I'll still watch it.
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Frank Castle is one of the most interesting characters in comic books for me, and Jon Bernthal is a phenomenal actor so I'm looking forward to this.
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This looks insane. I am really looking forward to The Punisher.
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I cant wait it looks sick I really enjoyed Punisher in Daredevil I havent seen the defenders yet but it looks good.
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