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Is pacing an issue with some students?Posted:

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Evening TTG users! I thought I would arouse the topic of education and pacing to see what you guys think!

What I am talking about:

Well, let me begin by saying, this is something I feel very strongly about. I feel that some schools don't set the pace fast enough for some students and that is what holds back a handful of them from succeeding and furthering their success as a scholar and a person. I personally learn and comprehend at a fast pace. Sometimes learning faster than the teacher can teach me whether that be by using prior knowledge or pursuing things outside of class to keep me interested in what we are doing.

What I want to know from you guys!

I would love to know if you have an opinion as to why or why not this is a problem or an issue that can be solved or adjusted to.
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my school is based on 10 week quarters which means every 5th week is midterms and every 10th week is fnals
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I always thought that school could be slow, however I am a very hands on learner
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When I went to school there were multiple classes, classes for slower learners and classes for faster learners... We took tests so the teachers can decide who goes where.
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I would say it is but there is not much a teacher can do to help. For me i have a hard time grasping information that im not really into like math. But History and anything tech related i can usually pick up pretty fast
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This is a known problem for sure but there isnt a great solution, keeping everyone together is either too slow or too fast for a lot of people but seperating people creates problems as well, socially and almost declaring kids slow by placing them in the lower class, parents etc... im sure you get the picture. I was able to get ahead in college a decent amount with AP classes but even with that if I could have started in more advaced classes earlier who knows how much time it would have saved in the end. In short its not really whether its an issue its that there isn't a great solution as separation doesnt work.
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Some schools go too fast
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