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Call of Duty: WWII - Multiplayer Upgrade TrailerPosted:

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Get your favorite weapon on Day One. Pre-order Call of Duty: WWII from participating retailers and get a permanent weapon unlock token + Double XP with the Multiplayer Upgrade.
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Activision have run out of ideas for sales. I completely disagree with this. You can be level 1 and have the most OP/Highest ranked weapon in the game.
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I don't like this game tbh I found it boring

Their trying heir hardest to make it this one work but I think it'll fail

Ruins games with unlock tokens stupid idea
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It's only the beta i don't see why people are judging it so hard.
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Might have to preorder it for the double xp
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Looking forward to this, Prob won't use the token till I test out all guns, Cuz so far the guns I like are at low levels.
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Very nice to see them doing this. I've already preordered the game so I can't wait until it's officially released. I really enjoyed playing the beta so hopefully the game is just as good.
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