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Does Anybody Dream Of TheTechGame?Posted:

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Well I dont know if this is funny at all, or just completely sad, but I've just had a dream that Scizor's gave me a PUBG badge like wtf, and if your wondering if this is my first dream about TeeTeeGee its not. On that note I have decided from this day forward to get a life for myself, and have just messaged my girlfriend, to see if we can get back together again. Let hope I can get my life back on track.
Has any other nerd on here every had a dream about TeeTeeGee? your am I the only looser?

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You're the only loser
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Never had a dream about TTG & best of luck getting your girl back my man.
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I mean......
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Go and get her tiger!
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Wish I can dream but I don't sleep
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I cant comprehend what I just read.
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Dreamed about how the ModCP looked last night no idea why
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you clearly spend too much time on here
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I had a dream I made a bunch of post woke up and check and was sad
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