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What TTG members do at 3AMPosted:

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Hey I'm bored as you can tell so I wanna know what are you guys up to tonight, me personally I like vibing out with music

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Xbox (09-04-2017)
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Usually I'm in bed sleeping but otherwise I'll be watching anime and browsing TTG/Reddit
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I'm asleep, i'm never awake at 3am, i'm too old.

But if for some reason i'm drunk and awake, i blast memes through my woofers for the neighbours to enjoy.
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I'm ether playing cod,Netflix or going do #1 on TTG leaderboards haha
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Browsing ttg or looking a pointless snapchat posts lol
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Listen to idol music while submitting downloads or just browsing TTG.
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I either play games on steam, or play league of legends, listen to music, talk to friends online, or just watch a horror movie
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I'm either watching a moving or playing games.
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I sleep.

Now I'm 21 if I don't get 8 hours sleep I'm the worst bastard on the planet.
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Sleep, or go on Netflix.
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