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7 Years on TTG OMG!Posted:

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Hey guys and gals!

I logged in today and realized that last week was my 7th year here on TTG! I'm not so active anymore do to being in my 20's now and no longer into gaming as much. I was 16 when I made this account lol Where has the time gone?! It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in my room at my parents house modding the hell out of COD! TTG has come a very long way in that 7 years! Okay I'm done, that's all I wanted to say! BYE!

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Congratulations man!

Massive accomplishment to hit, and it's been a while since i've seen you around also!

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Congrats you old fart ;)
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Grats on 7 years!
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Hello old timer, lovely to see you still active after all those year.
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Well done on such a long tenure.
Despite not being into gaming as much will be nice to see you around here still.
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Aye congrats this is big
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Congratulations purple looks nice next to your name
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Congrats on the 7 years, come back and check in next year.
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