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Honest opinions - WW2/BetaPosted:

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Thought I'd make a simple post just to see your opinions on how much you enjoyed or didn't enjoy the beta.

I myself have very much disliked the beta, constant spawn trapping, even on basic game modes like team death match. However, this is just the beta, still has some major improvements coming!

Peace xo

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Absolutely a load of shit, but then again im shit at Call Of Duty, I played the beta for all of 30 minutes and left the game, this is my honest opinion, then again it is only the beta, and not much on it, not even Search & Destroy which is the game mode I play so yeah. Will be not grinding this game at all, I'm saving my energy for the big game Destiny 2.
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Honestly it's garbage. I've had nothing but connection and lag issues with this game. Yet when I get on other cods I have no lag issues what so ever.
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it feels like battlefield and i really enjoy it i actually really like playing it and cant wait for release
heres a code for someone who doesnt have it 6C9M6-VQ9JQ-HMX9C-RHVCF-6K9HZ
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I actually like it.

I've had near to 0 problems with the game, i don't know why people hate on it so much!
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I regularly play Hardcore and don't know if the MANY hitmarkers are normal but... I've managed to empty half a clip into another player and not kill him.

There are only 2 good maps out of the 4, the "bad" ones being Pointe du Hoc and Gibraltar.

They really need to nerf the incendiary shells on the shotguns, in my opinion; extremely overpowered.

I enjoyed the beta, even after many MANY rages due to constant hitmarkers.
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It is meh. Stopped liking WW2 stuff for the most part after CoD 4 released. In the beta: It felt like there were some hit detection issues. You get hitmarkers like crazy. Not many fun guns to use. Best part was using the bayonet. That is fun. Missed the predator missile and was happy to see the glide bomb. If I get the game, I'm probably not playing it much. Still debating it.
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I think it's a decent game imo still gotta realize its only the beta but aye
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I really enjoyed the beta, The flame rounds in the shotgun for the love of god will hopefully be nerfed by release date. Seemed like some times you would unload half a mag + just to get hit with a 1 shot.
really enjoyed War, Hoping there are multiple maps for the game mode as it was really fun. Guns feel good, maps look like they have good potential for other game modes (Search, FFA etc.)
Killstreaks were meh, could be a little more juicer IMO.
Granted this IS only a beta, and there is still 2 more months before release but overall i would give the beta as is a
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Besides the stupid ass shotguns, It was enjoyable.
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