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Muskets TTG Gold GiveawayPosted:

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Winner is Tiffxny

Have some extra money laying around, figured to do a giveaway.
Just say why you feel like you deserve it ig lol, if you want you could also throw in your favorite hobby to do.

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Good seeing you back on the forum.

Man, real talk. Gold is thre bomb and i try to help out where i can and when i can.

Thanked and repped buddy!

P.s. Trying to catch xbox in gold lol
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I'll enter thanks
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I always try to be the best i can and help out members the best i can.

My favourite hobby would either by Football or Freerunning.
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I deserve it because I spend thousands of pounds on gifting gold and hosting giveaways for the community

My favorite hobby is spamming the forums on the best gaming forum site on the internet "TheTechGame"
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Great to see you back on the forums buddy and already giving back to the community!

I don't really think I deserve it over anyone else but I am still pretty active on the forums.

Stop by the shoutbox sometime we all still kick it.

P.s. Trying to keep my lead on RepBandit lol

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Hello, I am entering because I miss you xx and the rest.

Hobby is working out, I love doing it at times and would really love to play Football (the American kind).
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In all honesty I don't really deserve it, compared to some of the people talking here.
My hobbies involve putting warheads on foreheads, hooyah navy! Gonna go bomb NK one day lmao

Thank you for the giveaway too btw lol
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I dont think i deserve it, but hopefully i get lucky today.. & my hobbies are video games & sports
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I will enter!

I try to post useful stuff whenever I can, never spam.
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