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A "Showcase" if that's what you wanna call thisPosted:

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So, today I tried making something "simple" on photoshop and I mean I really don't know how you wizards do it. This took me about 30 minutes today and it's awful haha.

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Awful? No man, you're a beginner it's practice makes perfect.

Keep it up!
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This ain't awful man, is pretty cool, I like he design. It's definitely better than what I could do lol, keep up the good work man!
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Lower the size of the triangle border's, play with some cc's on the image's, Instead of white use an image as the background or a better color to go with the hole image.

Everyone has to learn, may aswell keep at it
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This looks good, take it you just stared Graphics, practice more and you'll get even better! <3
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Keep it up man.
It doesn't look bad at all
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Looks pretty sweet mate as you just started out, would look great for a banner on youtube or facebook.
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