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Pokemon Go's New Legendaries Are Even Harder To CatchPosted:

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Niantic's roll out of Legendaries into Pokemon Go has entered a new phase, as the trio of generation I birds have been swapped out for generation II's powerful beasts. Trainers can encounter the new elemental Pokemon in raid battles, but much like the birds before them, capturing the creatures will be no easy task.

Pokemon Go Hubs [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] has revealed the base capture rate for Raikou, Entei, and Suicune is 2 percent. This means players who just throw their Pokeballs without any help from items or curve throws will have a 98 percent chance of not catching the Pokemon. When first released, Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos all had the [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] , but Niantic eventually raised the chances for players to snag the Pokemon.

Trainers will undoubtedly have a difficult time catching the Legendary beasts, but there are still ways to up the percentage rate. Using Golden Razzberries and hitting Excellent throws with curve balls will offer a 16 percent chance, and while that's still unfavorable, its the best strategy for success.

Its likely Niantic stuck to the low percentage for the new Legendaries due to how long each will be available. This time around, the beasts will act as temporary region-exclusives, moving to a new section of the globe after a month. With 30 days to take on raid battles and attempt a capture, its likely trainers will be able to catch at least one. The birds were originally only around for a week at a time before disappearing. Currently, the Americas can capture the Electric-type cat Raikou, Europe and Africa have the Fire-type Entei, and the Asia-Pacific region can take on the Water-type Suicune.

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Thankfully, players do have a better advantage this time around due to some recent bug fixes. During the last set of Legendary raids, a bug was causing the last ball thrown to be a definite miss, essentially lowering the chance of capturing the already hard to nab creatures. Niantic has fixed that issue in the latest update, along with the ability to see how many trainers are waiting in a lobby for a raid battle to start.

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Nathan (09-03-2017)
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Seems like their really are doing their best to get the game back popular again, nice to hear they sorted the bugs out this time around!
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I am guessing this will bring a lot more hype since it's going to be a challenge for those diehard Pokemon fans.
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I struggled to catch the 3 birds from where I live hardly any rades also could never catch the bloody birds mainly Lugia
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