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The diss track trendPosted:

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so the cringey youtuber diss track war is coming to an end and im curious on what everyone thought of it and who had the best diss track all together.

My favourite is this one. Didnt get spoke about at all cuz the channel is dying but its still cool

I didnt know where to post this :O
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I liked KSI Little Boy.

Even though everything was just a hype up for money. I think he had a nice flow, even though he said some things children would say 'Your dad looks like a pedo' but yeah i liked it.
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Didn't even know about this going have to go give some more a listen that one was decent
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I found it all funny but i did like

Little Boy
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They need income, video trends the same way there's clothes trends.
Leave them to it it's entertaining to some. Little Boy was funny to watch tbh.
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Imagine making a diss video in 2017

it's sad if you ask me.
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I think their all doing these diss tracks for views tbh

Nobody really makes diss tracks anymore

But hey that's just my opinion
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