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Brigand - 5K DownloadsPosted:

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Finally hit the halfway mark towards one of my biggest goals to have ever set for myself. Finding the site where I mainly get my downloads is dwindling more and more at this point as most of the sections I've wiped clean of saves. Assuming there are less than 1k downloads left on that site, its nothing more than a barren wasteland at that point so rip to them. Not sure how many hours were spent just sitting here to get to this point but I'm for sure its more than 24 hours total. Once that 10K mark is hit, that's it for me submitting until some other dedicated user takes up the challenge to catch up, hope not. Not sure what to occur next but just have to wait and see.

Thanks list
Thespian - Your first this time, D2 no life session launch day. Immature redneck but one of the few closest of friends. Don't get banned now.
else - Still gonna hit up my sis? jkjk, she into dumbasses, oh wait, aren't you? Another person from the beginning to have called friend. Better get FM7.
Halo - Will be seeing your return after deployment. Good luck man.
Saki - Happy? I got into liking anime. I'm still getting you that body pillow. Better pose with it and post it on here. Great staff member and friend.
Jay - So BF1 when? Gotta try out the new DLC soon. Then D2 with Thespian.
Craig - Finally after how long since we last chatted. #GameReviewers4Lyfe. Another great person to have become friends with. AC7 will be my review to do. Good luck on getting reporter. Increase the badge list.
Repbandit - Your name proves true. Gonna see you rocking that Graphics King badge soon.
maDz - The man, the myth, the confused. Still my #1 online mother. 3rd times the charm right? Hehe.
Nodus - A man of culture, great taste in idol music. Thought I was the only one on here.
Sean - So Download Aficionado badge for 5K downloads right? Doubled your total dl's count.
Mortar - Doing a hell of a job as admin. Getting my dls approved ahead of time.
Luke - Don't think we'll be able to flood the pending list with Mortar being juiced up approving them in quick succession. Fellow download fanatic. Need to pass Sean for 2nd spot.
MiserabIe - New name, who dis? Honestly forgot your previous name but your time of being gifted has expired. Maybe next time.

Just for you maDz, welcome.
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I just wish i knew how.

Massive congrats Brigand!
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Wheyyy you finally got it bud. Nice work even though the whole internet worth of shit is hosted by TTG now!
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Lmao what in the world, I find it so tedious to upload stuff so i'm going to stay where I am at. Congratulations on 5000 thought thats impressive!
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Good job Son. I raised you well.
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I can't wait for you to hit 10,000 Downloads and stop.
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Wow do you ever stop with the downloads man Jheeze xD
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This guy needs the Wizard Badge, congratulations!
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Congrats on the 5K Downloads, Brigand. I swear you're the one keeping that section alive lol.
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