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6oo gifterino'zPosted:

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600 gifts wooooo yeah cool.

Happy to give back to this amazing community keep up the great work everyone & stay active.
Would like to thank the true homies of mine Mortar, Famous, Luke, Elijah, Chris, Jay, & Potion.
Biggest thank you goes out to the TheTechGame community. This place wouldn't existed without you guys seriously.

Now it's meme time meme it up. catdoug out

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The Following 24 Users Say Thank You to prodigy For This Useful Post:

Decy (09-04-2017), Ethan (09-04-2017), Mortar (09-03-2017), Mickers (09-03-2017), Jay (09-03-2017), RepBandit (09-02-2017), Nodus (09-02-2017), Echo (09-02-2017), Rodent_Modz (09-02-2017), Xbox (09-02-2017), Skates (09-02-2017), tuf (09-01-2017), RedWood (09-01-2017), nolanberollin (09-01-2017), Mai (09-01-2017), Kixa (09-01-2017), Mikey (09-01-2017), Kyle (09-01-2017), Brigand (09-01-2017), Adam (09-01-2017), Spartan (09-01-2017), uwu (09-01-2017), Gavin- (09-01-2017), Craig (09-01-2017)
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Congratulations man.

Knew you for a long time now and you always do nice things for the community, now let's see if you can catch up to Jay.
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Jesus man, Jay will not be happy if you catch him xD

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Seriously generous guy and thanks for the gift earlier!
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Congrats on the 600 gifterinos, Prodigy. I'm glad I was one of the 15 you gifted to.
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A truly amazing feat, glad to see you stil giving back!
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Look at you, silently gifting ;)

Nice one mate. Gotta hit that 1k now
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Grats on 600 prod
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Congrats Prod!
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Congrats man 600 gifts man i gotta alot of money to spend to catch up congrats bro
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Congrats man! glad to be apart of the last few

We are all very grateful.
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