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Pokemon Go Devs Are Working On A Fix For Rural PlayersPosted:

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With Pokmon Gos latest gym rework being focused around team-building, rural players have spoken out about their inability to experience the new raid battles, which typically require several players to work together to defeat a powerful boss Pokmon. Thankfully, Niantic seems to be working on a new system for trainers outside of urban areas to get more PokStops and gyms.

Addressing a rural player thread on [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] , verified user NianticGeorge gave a detailed explanation about why trainers in remote areas have experienced a lack of PokStops to spin for item collection and gyms to battle. Using the companys first game, Ingress, as an example: Ingress never had the rural issue in the same that Pokmon Go currently does, he said. Thats in part because we allowed Portal submission for the majority of Ingresss existence, so most users were able to create Portals around their area if none already existed. Portals seem to work similarly to PokStops as essential item giving totems in the game, meaning Ingress players were able to actively report where new Portals should be added that Niantic overlooked.

Niantics Ingress also works similarly to Pokmon Go in how players across the globe access in-game areas by visiting real-world spots and interacting with players in person. NianticGeorge goes on to explain players in Ingress were able to report the need for Portals by using Operation Portal Recon, which reportedly provided a boost in player satisfaction. While the system is still in its infancy, Niantic seems to believe this type of report system could benefit being implemented into Pokmon Go, allowing trainers to report where PokStops and gyms should be added.

In a separate interview with [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] , senior product manager at Niantic, Tatsuo Nomura, also addressed the issues plaguing rural players. We are also aware of the coordination issue and have some ideas of how to improve it. We are not ready to announce anything at the moment, but improving raid playability is our major priority right now, said Nomura. While no definitive details were given, its encouraging to see Niantic finally addressing players outside of cityscapes, as being able to spin PokStops and compete in raids is a major draw in the current game build.

Currently, all Pokmon Go players are waiting for the next big update that will include the new exclusive raid battles that will feature Mewtwo. The Legendary Pokmon will only be accessible by an invitation provided from completing in-game raids. However, recent bugs found in the raid system forced Niantic to pull the update, meaning players dont have a definitive date on when completing daily raids will be the most beneficial for an encounter with Mewtwo.

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I use to play Pokemon go all the time when it first came out, but from where I lived their was nothing around so couldn't do nothing, got bored started hacking got banned and that was it for me I guess haha
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Pokemon Go was fun while it lasted, but no more
Is nice to see them keeping it updated I suppose for the few players that actually still play this game.
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A couple of people I've spoken to have had issues with where they live on this game. But it's too little too late i think?
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