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GTA Online Error Opened Up Transform Races To Players EarlyPosted:

  • E3 2018
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A recent mix-up in Grand Theft Auto Online unlocked the Transform race feature well before its planned release, but developer Rockstar was quick to address it.

Alongside the reveal of GTA Onlines new Smugglers Run Update, Rockstar announced Transform races, set to release sometime later this fall. All within one race, players could be challenged to navigate land, sea, and air, switching up players vehicles at particular checkpoints. Rockstar claimed the mode wasnt due out until fall, but YouTuber Broughy1322 explained how players could access the mode early.

Developer-designed Transform tracks were not accessible in the game, but using the process detailed by Broughy1322, players could incorporate the Transform function into current Stunt Races through the games track customization. As long as a track featured secondary checkpoints, they could be changed to Transform checkpoints. There could be up to ten Transform checkpoints on a track, changing one vehicle into any other vehicle from any vehicle class in the game. This included vehicle classes that normally cant be raced, such as Military vehicles and Service vehicles.

Unfortunately, it appears that Rockstar was quick to jump on the issue. According to a follow-up video by Broughy1322, the bug giving players access to the Transform function no longer works. Broughy1322 claims that some players are reporting still being able to access certain Transform features in some situations, but it seems, for the most part, Rockstar has put an end to it.

Fortunately, players can still enjoy everything else GTA Onlines Smugglers Run update has to offer, including a new survival-themed Adversary mode, new aircraft customization, and more.

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  • Winter 2018
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The race maker thingy tool looks awkward as hell to use. This is the only reason i never bothered doing them myself.

But hats off to the people who take the time to do it lol.
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