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Photomanipulation, "The Attic".Posted:

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I'm not a graphics buff by any means. But this look awesome and creepy.

Nice work.
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You're getting better. Still focusing way to much light on the outlines, dim it a bit. Aside from that, this is one of your best.
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The lighting on the front right leg of the rocking horse should be dimmer and the outline around the girl going down the stairs is too jagged
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Me personally I think it's dope man.
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That's awesome! I like how there is that what you want in the first one and then the actual piece; this is awesome!
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Some lighting issues but I feel like the color correction is to harsh, gj

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That looks insane. Even though i don't know a lot about GFX i can say that looks cool af,
need a desktop background with that
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Awesome edit man!
Did a great job blending in the items and giving the picture an overal creppy look!
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It needs some work it looks like, especially the color of some of the objects, but not bad man
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