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Motivation for the gym or life in general!Posted:

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This is a video that was put together after Rich Piana passed away this week really good watch ,

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After Rich Piana's death I wasn't effected too much as I'm not into the body building scene.
However my one friend had idolised him and It's amazing to see how one person can influence so many.
I can tell he's surely missed by tonnes of people.
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It's crazy that this man is gone, he was motivation for lots of people; and I agree when you say this video is motivating!
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Interesting video sad he's gone
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After watching this video I just want to run to the gym and pump iron.
Such amazing talent that man has, it's a shame that he passed away.
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He was an inspiration to others across the world, so sad he passed away.

May he forever be in our memorises!
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