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What's the best way to go about this...Posted:

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Basically there are some Off White Vapour Max shoes and the release date is 22nd SEP but only available on, so I know they will sell out quick but I want to try my hardest to get a pair! What should I do any tips on how to get a pair soon as they com out?
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Be ready haha
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like nathan said be ready, or just after the drop. buy them off somebody but this will cost you more

edit: or you could use a bot to get the shoes for you, not to sure how that works though
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Be ready to purchase them online soon as they get released
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All you can do is wait and be ready.
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Grailed the website, Or the GOAT shoe app.
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Restocks app but if you're typing this out you already took the L fam
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I do this with Supreme drops, its best to use a computer not a phone, that's a no brainer

Only other tip I got is refresh,refresh, and refresh again. Good luck
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I've been pretty successful with some limited drops so these are some tips that I can give from personal experience.

    Be on the site BEFORE the drop. Even if you're on the site right when they drop, it can and will decrease your chances of getting a pair.

    Use a device that runs well. If you have device that runs slow again, it can and will decrease your chances of getting a pair.

    Have GOOD internet. Even if you have a good running device and are on the site before the shoe drops, if you have slow internet, your chances of getting the shoe will obviously be smaller compared to those with good internet.

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youre not getting those shoes, trust dont even try and just pay resell.
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