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Gold Giveaway - Road to GGPosted:

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Simply post below why you think you deserve/would like gold! It's that simple.

I will pick 1, maybe 2 winners in 24 hours!

Good luck to all

Winners picked!

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ill enter thank you for a great giveaway
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Il enter bro x
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I would like to have gold so I can add another stack and have longer time with the gold features.

Thanks for the opportunity m8

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I'd love to enter. Thanks for the giveaway boss!
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Since gold is cool and chevys too good luck everybody
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Considering I lost gold due to a person that was giving free gold and refunded it, I would like some gold.
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would love to enter, thanks for this good luck everyone
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I don't want to run out of gold. I want to keep getting on this sute enjoying my colored name. Also I try to help out with as much as I know how. Thanks man!
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I'll enter.
My gold runs out in a couple days and I would love some more.
I love the gold forums and having gold has made me become active on this site.
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