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Need some help.Posted:

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I have a 2004 Acura TL and right now it's lowered but soon it'll be put back to stock suspension, painted and the little details will be taken care of.

The streets over here in Puerto Rico are TERRIBLE, streets are composed of 50% potholes and another 50% is actual streets. I've been thinking of switching to an SUV and I've had in my mind either a 2003-2004 Nissan Pathfinder LE or a Toyota 4Runner. Yes, I know it's a "downgrade" but I have a part-time job and I really can't maintain my car even though it's not that expensive to take care of.

Would this be a good idea or should I just stick to my Acura? I've had it for a good two years now and I love the car but maintenance is just taking a massive toll on my bank account.

Here's an image of my TL:
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I'd just like to get some feedback if this would be a good move or if not. Thanks.
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A LOT of people in the states are switching to SUV's because of the lack of space that
sedans or smaller crossovers have. Imo, if you move to an SUV you will probably do better in the longrun
because of the road conditions you mentioned. You will be impressed with how much more storage the vehicles are capable of. Go for it! you wont regret it
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More storage, easier / cheaper to work on, SUV's are always a good route to go. They usually get decent MPG too.

As far as which one, Toyota's are known for reliability and the older 4runners have usually been good but like every vehicle has its known issues. I haven't driven the older Pathfinders but my grandma has a 04ish 4runner and that thing is awesome. If I didn't have a small pecker I mean self confidence issues a need for a truck then a 4runner would definitely be in the runnings for the vehicle I'd choose.
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I would say move to an SUV, having more room is a blessing, I currently own a coupe honda, but whenever i'm driving my moms CR-V I am jealous by all the stuff I can fit in there and the gas mileage isn't even too bad.
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Why not get something newer?
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Move to SUV I say man
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