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Who was better 2pac or BiggiePosted:

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I find this hard to choose but I have to go with


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Ryoko (08-31-2017)
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I like Tupac lyrics and meanings. But I prefer Biggie's flow. So I'm on the fence with it. Pretty badly.

But overall I have to say I would go with Tupac.
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For me Biggie, I enjoy both of them but have never really been a Tupac fan other then a couple of songs, Notorious has a great flow and I find myself listening to him more often then I would Tupac.
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I don't listen to much if any of them, heard a couple Biggie songs but wasn't a fan. I'd say Tupac, but I was never a big fan of either.
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2Pac all the way for me, but both were legends
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I would say biggie all day he was smooth as ice
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Nathan wroteI find this hard to choose but I have to go with


not a fan of either not my type of style of rap but id say tupac
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I've always been a fan of BIGGIE, 2pac is just not out there for me now.
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Biggie personally, just listened to him a lot more.
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Tupac is amazing when it comes to hip hop but he isn't a great rapper like Biggie. Don't get me wrong Tupac has some really great songs of him rapping but when it comes to Biggie he has nasty bars plus I'm from the East coast. So yeah I would say Biggie cause he's a greater rapper but like I said Tupac is great for soft hip hop which is why a lot of females love him it's sad that they are both gone... R.I.P legends forever!!!
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