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First Windows 10 game makes its way to Xbox Game PassPosted:

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With the arrival of ReCore: Definitive Edition, those on Windows 10 PCs can finally take advantage of Xbox Game Pass.

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Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled Xbox Game Pass a Netflix-style subscription service for distributing titles on Xbox One. For a flat monthly fee of $9.99, the service provides access to over 100 titles for no additional cost, with at least five new games added at the start of each calendar month.

With September just around the corner, a new wave of titles is already being ushered into the Xbox Game Pass service. Among these is the newly-released ReCore: Definitive Edition a reworked version of the action-based platformer first launched back in 2016. It now appears the game still retains the full feature set of the Play Anywhere program through the service, including cross-platform licensing with Windows 10 PCs.

With an active Xbox Game Pass subscription, the ReCore: Definitive Edition store listing now allows users to download the Windows 10 version of the game for free. Through Play Anywhere, the title also shares cross-platform saves and achievements with Xbox One, over a Microsoft account. Those who wish to purchase the game permanently can do so, alongside a discount provided for subscribers of the service,

This isn't the first time Windows 10 titles have been associated with Xbox Game Pass. Back when the service launched, small print made mention of availability of Windows 10, before being swiftly removed. While there's no indication of a dedicated PC offshoot of the service anytime soon, there's nothing stopping more Play Anywhere titles joining the Xbox Game Pass library going forward.

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Mikey (09-03-2017)
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Now, this is a good idea, Game Pass and Xbox Play anywhere is a thing i might use. Depends on what games they out on it.
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Didn't know pc games would be available via the pass may have to re buy it!
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i did not think we were getting pc games aswell
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PC games come with the pass?

Count me in!
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They need to stop releasing onto the Windows store. No one plays through that. Get it through steam.
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PC games on xbox ?

Ok then
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nice classic game good choice
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If they bring mor PC games out

I'll be getting the pass straight away
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This is pretty cool!

Hope more games come to the Xbox pass.
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