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Noot Noots Gold GiveAway | 5 Winners!!!Posted:

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Hey everyone,

I've been inactive in the past few months and I thought why not do a giveaway for my returning.

All you have to do to enter is explain why you think you want/ deserve gold.

You may also suggest people.

5 winners will be selected.

Goodluck to you all.

The Following 16 Users Say Thank You to NOOT For This Useful Post:

Kisses (09-04-2017), Ghouls (09-04-2017), fatalities (09-04-2017), urBeats (08-30-2017), Toastyasf (08-30-2017), JPB (08-29-2017), Xbox (08-29-2017), Foot_Fetish (08-29-2017), XeRed (08-29-2017), Mikey (08-29-2017), Wizard (08-29-2017), RepBandit (08-29-2017), Ryuk (08-29-2017), Tank (08-29-2017), Mooned (08-29-2017), Bis (08-29-2017)
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I would love the chance to win
because I'm very active on the site and I wanna change my name lmao
thanks for the giveaway
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Heyyy, cheers for the giveaway my man.

As for deserving Gold, I'd say i'm pretty helpful around the forums, I direct people if they are looking for a specific forum or if people are asking for a link to something I'm usually quite quick to get it.
But I don't necessarily think I deserve it.
I'd very much like it though.

And if i am not to get it, then i'd like to put Stressing forward for it. He's a really great guy, super helpful too.
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I enjoy helping people out with anything I can. I try to do as much as I can for you guys. I may already have gold, but I don't want to lose it any time soon. Thanks!

This is my entry
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Count me in bro ,

I've just received the gold gifter badge and my gold runs out soon so it would be nice to be treated , thanks lad and good luck all
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I dont feel i deserve but itry and help out as much as i can when someone is needing it.

Thanks for the opportunity for another month of gold.
Thanked and repped
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I deserve it because I got proof that Seam vapes and I'm just awesome
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Thanks so much for a great giveaway bro.
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i would love to enter this. i think i deserve gold because im a really active person on TTG and soon gonna be hosting free lobbies again once my rgh gets here! i love helping the people here as much as possible ill be having a sticky or COD soon(try to once my rgh gets here) i just all in all like the tech gaming community and wanna be able to use the gold member forums as well!!!
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I'd love to enter for a chance to win I'd like to win this giveaway because I'm very active with the TTG page. I love to help when it's needed and I know how to help. I also think the benefits for gold make the TTG experience a lot better Thanks - WetBriefs
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