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If you had one super power what would it be?Posted:

  • Winter 2017
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I'm curious what you guys would choose, and tell me why

Mine is Super Speed because I would love to get to places faster than driving and waisting money on gas ;)
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  • 1K Rainmaker
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Mine would be super human strength
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  • Vantage
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To be fast lol like flash
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  • Athlete
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Super Speed because The Flash is by far my favorite superhero and who wouldn't want to time travel and travel faster than the speed of light?
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  • Christmas!
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Full teleportation power. I would want to be able to teleport and to be able to teleport anyone or anything. I feel it'd be one of the more useful and helpful powers to have.
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be super fast likee the flash
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Speed for sure.
Get things done quickly
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Definitely the power of teleportation. Seems logical. I would def be able to get places quicker than the flash ever would lol
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Be better then RepBandit and Zesri at Graphics

Nah, but seriously it would be flying.

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No doubt it would be to be able to fly.
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