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I've returned, to my beginningsPosted:

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TTG was my first gaming forum, I was around during the Xbox 360 usb mod times, Black Ops 1 Zombie craze, boosting, due to my age and inexperience I think this would be a good way to get into computer builds, and other things the site had and now has to offer(Car forums, Sports, Android Programming), be gentle with me, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Good to be back.

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Mikey (08-29-2017), Xbox (08-28-2017)
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Welcome back & hope to see you around
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Wow 5 years - nice to see you return and hope to see you stick around.
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Welcome back
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An OG is returning!

Welcome back man.
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welcome back
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Welcome back to TTG. I came on the site back when I was addicted to MW2 and looking for modded lobbies and such. Hope to see you around.
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Always good to see another high year member make a return.

Join us in the shoutbox one day.


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Welcome back to TeeTeeGee
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Welcome back my dude
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