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Old high school bullys, where are they now?Posted:

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In jail!

Some of you may remember the story I've told a few times about the kid that used to bully me from 7th grade until half way through 10th grade, but we're not here to tell that story again. I just read a Facebook story that had his face on it. Turns out this kid is a suspect in a recent murder and is being held on a 2nd degree intentional murder charge.

I know it doesn't affect really anyone here, just kinda shocking for me to see lol. If you're curious about it [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] is the story. This isn't his first run in either, according to public records he's had 2 or more MIP charges, possession of stolen property in the 3rd (aid/abet), possession of controlled substance (held on $10k bail), and now intent to murder being held on $1m bail....

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That's wild, i guess some people just don't change.

As for me, i never got bullied, reason being because my mother made me a fighter, i remember i was like 10 and i was getting picked on, my mother kicked me out the house and locked the door and made me fight him.

I lost horribly, but i got better over time, and then i just never took anything from anyone, just kept to myself.

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Usually that is what happens to those kind of people, it's hard for them to change.
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Holy cow that dude went of the deep end I see.
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People who bully others, tend to be insecure and most probably have family issues. So i kinda feel sorry for them. But it's no excuse to be a bastard in life.

Some people either go the right way or end up like this asshole.
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Like Craig said ^

People who bully normally have there own issues going on but try to affect others so they ain't so shitty.

Pretty idiotic and i'll never understand why people do it,
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