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It's been 7 yearsPosted:

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Just hopped on today to realize I had hit 7 years earlier this month.

I have not been near as active as I was years ago now I just browse the forums and that's about it, still cool to see a lot of active members on here though.

Thanks to everyone on the site, don't know if the people I messed with years ago are still on here but thanks to you guys too

Maybe I'll start posting some more but who knows I'm sure I'll always just be browsing to see what's going on around here.

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Congrats on hitting the big 7 fella, I'll be there soon.
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Congrats on 7 years man.

Hopefully you will become more active again.

Love seeing old users still around.

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Well damn congrats on your 7 years on this site, see you around the forums and try to stay active as a member.
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geez old timer grats on 7 years
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Jeeezzzz grats on 7 years man, thanks for being a great member for such a long time
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Congrats on 7 years!
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Congrats on 7 years, also welcome back old timer hope to see you more active around the forums and in the shoutbox!
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Damn, Welcome Man Congrats on 7
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Congrats on the TTG birthday mate!, Onto 8 now!
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