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Man arrested in turkey...Posted:

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Toby Robyns, 52, from West Sussex, arrested at Bodrum airport in turkey.

A British man has been arrested in Turkey accused of taking historical artefacts he found during a snorkelling trip.

Toby Robyns, who was on holiday, was reportedly found with 13 coins when he was stopped by police at an airport as he and his family prepared to travel home.

Robyns, an ambulance driver from West Sussex, has been held on suspicion of failing to declare the find to the local authorities, having reportedly decided to take them home as a souvenir of his trip to Turgutreis, in south-west Turkey.

They are accusing him of taking Turkish artefacts, which he was obviously unaware of, said James Stoneham, a family friend.

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MFW this guy lives like 20 minutes away from me...

Poor bastard!
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This is some sad stuff.

The dude obviously didn't know they we're artefacts and they presume he did.

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This is sad I hope for his safe return home
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Hahaha found them snorkelling, wow that is some bs he's being kept.
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Quite a strange thing to get arrested for, but kind of dumb for him to do that anyways.
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This is bs he obviously didn't have a clue that he was committing this "crime"
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well you shouldn't take things, especially if you aren't even from that country! he needs to be less clueless.
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Lol he thought the come up was real
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The first sentence of the quote got me :thinking: bull shit.
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