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What's your Career?Posted:

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What do you guys do for a job if you have one?

I have just left my previous job which was floor laying which was extremely hard and I have just got a job at a supermarket.

The pay is good and its going to help me save for Uni.

What about you?
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Currently looking for a job and finding it very frustrating having my applications turned down, but that's life.
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I'm currently a manager at Unemployed.
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None yet im only 16.
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Currently working a tech support job at my ISP, working on a career in engineering
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I'm a pot-washer with a great pay wage a decent average pay rate for my age but TAX is a bitch which all hard workers can agree on.
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Currently buying social medias and selling them off.

Done well so far.
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Union pipe fitter. Been doing it for five years working in hospitals. Make over $100,000 a year at 23, pretty good gig. I recommend looking into it. Pay grade on Google is totally inaccurate.
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Driving logging equipment in the summer and making around 12k then go to school.

17 y/o
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currently in nursing school but I work at a animal hospital on the weekends
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