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If you won the lottery..Posted:

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What would you buy/do first if you won the lottery?

I'd immediately buy my mother a very luxurious SUV.

And when I went to receive my money, I'd remain anonymous.

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I would make sure my parents/girlfriends parents were financially stable for the rest of their lives. Then I would carry on with my life with my lady.
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Invest Invest Invest.

Can easily live the life I am living now and would prefer to live the best life possible once I have earned it.

I would hate for money to corrupt me.

There are too many cases of people not been smart with their winnings and not so soon after going bankrupt.

I might be tempted to limit myself to a £50k yearly allowance and the rest put into investments.

Obviously depends on the amount of winnings but I have a general plan which would suit me.

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I'd give it all to charity.

Edit: after all there are other people who need it more then me.

Edit: what people would down vote my post about donating to charity? People who don't care about other people? Or people in need?

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Hook my grandpa up with somewhere comfortable to live and better medical care and put some money aside for my sister for when she turns 18 and graduates college. The rest id prob just put in the bank and get myself a nice apartment and new car.
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I'd ask sean how much for 49% of TTG.
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My father is in the business type side.

He has made some smart investments over the years so i would ask him for some advice.
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Pay off the small amount of debt my family has, buy some nice vehicles and a nice home & invest
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If I won the lottery there would be quiet a few things I would do with the money!

Firstly, I would donate a very large amount to Cancer Research as I have lost a lot of close family to cancer and I couldn't think of a worse illness.

I would also ensure that my parents could live wealthily for the rest of their lives so they could enjoy everything they wanted to do and lastly, I would invest it for my future.
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Other than the obvious of paying off stuff for my parents, I'd get on an import website and buy myself my dream car. The Nissan 180sx and start working on it.
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