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What are you using right now?Posted:

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I just bought myself a new laptop for college and I was wondering what other users happen to use. Reply below the type of laptop/phone/pc you are currently using right now.

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No laptop, however I have relatively good PC that fills my gaming/school needs. Phone wise I have the iPhone 7 Plus, not a huge fan because there is no aux but it is a good phone otherwise.
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At home which im using right now is a laptop. at work i use a desktop
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I have always used my iPhone for ttg
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I almost always use my iPhone for TTG. My laptop can't connect to TTG unless I connect through Hotspot or another Internet connection.
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using my desktop at the moment.
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Currently using my desktop
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Desktop, It's very shit though.
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Using my PC, upgrading soon though thankfully!
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On my laptop!

Really want to upgrade to a desktop but moving between 2 houses each week is a nightmare so it's not on the cards
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