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Pineapple pizzaPosted:

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Okay everyone, keep this clean.. no one needs to die over this..

What is your opinion on pineapple pizza?

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Pineapple should NOT go on pizza. Idk why people think it should. That's just crazy
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It's honestly not as bad as everyone says it is, but still has no place on pizza
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Pineapple pizza needs to piss off, so do the people that like it.

I know im being a douche and it sounds harsh.... but pineapple on pizza... piss off you disgrace to the human race.

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i freakin LOVE IT, I always get a pineapple and ham pizza and a pepperoni pizza. I don't understand what the big deal is, like is it the taste or the thought of pineapples on pizza that makes people not like it because I think it tastes awesome.
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It's amazing giving that extra flavour but don't get me wrong everyone is different.
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No offense to anybody who enjoys pineapple on pizza but...

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I think its amazing as well it depends on who you are
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I freaking love it!
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