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Do you eat this poop sandwich?

No(op) to poop.
36.00% (9 votes)
Yes I do(op).
64.00% (16 votes)

Total Votes: 25

Chocolate on Bread?Posted:

  • Winter 2017
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This... I'm a 100% no, no.
But I understand people actually eat this?

Lemme know!
#2. Posted:
  • Ninja
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Yeah its tasty asf.
#3. Posted:
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Its even better on toast m8.
#4. Posted:
  • Winter 2017
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no i would never be able to do that to me thats not right
#5. Posted:
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As a child, I'm fairly sure this is where most of my hyper activeness came from.

One of these at lunch at I was a nutter for the next couple of hours.
#6. Posted:
  • Vantage
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Nutella on toast so it melts

Or nutella on hot pancakes
#7. Posted:
  • Christmas!
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I'm on board with the yes crew on this one. It's sooo nice!
#8. Posted:
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that shiz is FIRE
#9. Posted:
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i cant stand chocolate i use to when i was a kid
#10. Posted:
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looks horrid tbh
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