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Hey guys, Decided to do a forum game again!

Now the question is.. What YouTube channels do you watch the most? Do you watch one only? Or seven different ones?

I'd like some replies that indicate why you watch that channel, If not just give me some names!

My current favorite YouTubers are Z Gaming Guy , The Modern Rogue , and Polecat324 .

I watch Z Gaming Guy because I like Super Mario Maker, I watch The Modern Rogue due to their crazy inventions. And Polecat324 because of his GTA Roleplay series.

if you don't watch YouTube don't reply

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Me and my wife usually watch Matthias and to a reason why as because we like his product reviews and what not.
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im a very simply man to please on youtube,

but at the moment my favs are MoETV, Tarik and Ricegum
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Tall Car Guy Reviews, Doug Demuro, No Jumper, etc.
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CineFix - Brilliant movie lists and just high quality videos [like if Watchmojo knew what they were talking about when it came to movies]
ComicsExplained - I like hearing someone get really excited about why the Hulk is cool.
SecularTalk - Fair and balanced political commentary from the left.
SargonOfAkkad - Fair and balanced political commentary from the center [in my view, some people consider him right wing]
Nerdwriter - A lot like CineFix without the lists.
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Here are a few of my favourites:

Joe Rogan - Great guest choice for interviews.
Jordan B Peterson - Philosophy lectures
Richard Lewis - Less serious take on social/ political issues and chill podcasts
Thooorin + side channel - Interesting interviews and gaming content
Bite Sized Philosophy - Short clips of JBP lectures broken down into specific topics
Sargon of Akkad - Interesting political/ Social commentary
Bundesliga - Bundesliga match Highlights
NFFCTube - Nottingham Forest match Highlights
PsychedSubstance - Informative video's on drugs

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I just watch Scumperjumper now and then, thats all i watch on gaming youtube.
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just waiting for the dislikes

but romanatwoodvlogs, kaykayes, toke, nfl...
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There is a lad by the name of Social Repose I watch quite often.

Very entertaining.
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Watch quite a few.

Enduro KeX
That Racing Channel
Dolan Dark
Dolan Darker
Moto Madness
Motor Trend Channel
Boxing Legends TV
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