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Watch This Video of a kid unboxing a XboxPosted:

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This Video Has me dead
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Haha, video made me laugh.

and from that video i just watched more people reacting to it!
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Lmao man that would suck hope it was just a joke video!
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I would be going mental if I order a Xbox on and got a 360 instead ahah

Poor kid
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Damn that sucks lol
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if that ever happened to me I would be mad asf
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WTF he didnt seem mad at all, if this was really I would have smashed my camera, if not that i know i would not have continued with the video that's for damn sure
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Im crying . "It looks like the old xbox."
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tbh his reaction wasn't as good as I thought it was gunna be he didn't even seemed bothered like he was just like eh
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Yeah his reaction wasnt as good. He seemed pretty chill with it lol because i would have punch that fake xbox so many times until i made a real hole into it just like that guy playing that scary game and broke a hole right into his computer with his bare hands lol
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