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Can anyone help me?Posted:

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Is there anyway to get rid of a temporary ban? My second account I'm having to use has nothing on it and tbh it was kinda bs the reason I was even banned in the first place
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No there's nothing you can do but wait the ban out.
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There is a slim chance you could get unbanned if you go on Enforcement Teams page and up some excuse. Of course if you wanna get UNBANNED don;t say something stupid and blame the unicorns for it. Be smart about it. Tell the best lie you can possibly think off, because you and I know there's a good reason why you got banned.

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There's really not much you can do except wait it out. The problem with trying to repeal a ban is that it usually never works out, no matter what excuse you give.

I was banned for two weeks due to being a massive ass on Xbox Live and I just made a second account and kept playing. Xbox Live enforcement team can sometimes be quite harsh when handing out bans and I think that sometimes they don't even care into doing a bit of research on the person before letting the banhammer drop.
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