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Possibly Win A Xbox One X By Eating At Taco BellPosted:

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Xbox One X Consoles Going To Lucky Taco Bell Eaters
Microsoft also partnered with Taco Bell in 2001 for the OG Xbox.

Microsoft's Xbox One X console will cost $500 when it launches this November, but you can possibly get one for free ... by eating Taco Bell. Starting on August 31, the $5 Steak Quesarito box will come with a code that you can redeem for a chance to win.

There will be a lot of winners, it seems, as Microsoft says in a news release that a potential winner will be selected every 10 minutes for the duration of the promo, which runs August 31 through October 4. In addition to the console, winners will receive a copy of Forza Motorsport 7 and a three-month Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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As Microsoft reminds us, Microsoft and Taco Bell teamed up for a promotion around the original Xbox in 2001, and now the companies are "returning to their roots with this promotion to launch the Xbox One X." In more recent years, Taco Bell has partnered with Sony to promote PlayStation consoles.

"It's only fitting that the two brands that do 'boxes' best and have some of the greatest fans in the world have joined forces to box up the ultimate food and gaming offer for them," Taco Bell marketing executive Marisa Thalberg said. "We see this partnership with Xbox as yet another way Taco Bell is tapping what is current in culture and providing our fans access to unique experiences they cannot get anywhere else."

The Xbox One X launches on November 7, though it's not immediately clear when the winners will receive their consoles. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more.

Pre-orders for the Xbox One X will reportedly open soon. If you're attending Gamescom later this month in Germany, you can try out the console before everyone else.

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Time to go eat more at Taco Bell. I love their food and $5 Quesarito box + a chance of winning an Xbox One X? Oh hell yes.
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We actually just got a taco bell here probably gonna go there for lunch since I'm spending all my money anyway
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Definitely looking forward to this. Hopefully the Taco Bell near me offers this promotion.
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