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Fan-Made Pokemon Go tool Reveals Legendaries IVPosted:

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Pokmon Go trainers that have taken on the Legendary birds in level five raids understand the nail-biting experience of not only trying to capture the elusive beasts but also hoping theyll hold high Individual Values. Thankfully, Reddit users have created a handy chart to know if a Legendary will have worthy IVs based off of its CP.

While charts detailing Pokmons IV calculations have been circulating the community for months, the Legendary birds have been left out of the rankings, making the latest graphic from the Reddit community a must see. Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos IV predictions based off of CP are shown, giving trainers the chance to know before a capture if the Legendary is worth stressing over. The range only calculates from 91 percent and up, which means Legendaries with lower CP than the base listed will have to be calculated using a third-party IV checker. For new players, IVs are the three hidden stats of a Pokmon, which include Attack, Defense, and Stamina (HP).

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Of course, while this tool is valuable to hardcore players seeking the strongest possible Pokmon, casual trainers looking to fill their Pokdexes can just enjoy the initial capture of a Legendary, which is no easy feat. Currently, Lugia and Moltres are available to capture after being defeated in raids, but trainers should capture the Fire/Flying-type bird as soon as possible, as it will be replaced on August 7th with Zapdos. Articuno was the first of the three elemental generation one birds to be released alongside Lugia, but was replaced in raids by Moltres on August 31st.

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Still cant believe all these amazing updates man, I might even be temped to start playing this again.
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