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  • Christmas!
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Hi i am looking for a RGH i have messaged a few people but i ain't got no reply and i don't know any where to get one from!!!
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my boy Streamah has them for cheap
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Send me a PM. I have a falcon for sale fairly cheap.
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  • E3 2017
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Go to rodent modz. Best seller around.
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I got one bro, PM me
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There are a few sellers around TTG, other than the stickied sellers. If you've messaged the stickied sellers, I'm sure they'll get back to you eventually; remember that they get flooded by message day in and day out.
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Message one of the sellers with a sticky above. If you're in the UK, I would go with Monoxide and if you're in the US go with either Rodent_Modz or Streamah.
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  • Winter 2018
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U.S = Rodent

UK = Monoxide
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  • V5 Launch
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falcon rgh 12V fan mod blue led include power brick for 110 plus shipping
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