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500 Post and 50 RepPosted:

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I know 50 rep isn't able to be a post alone, but I hit 500 post and 50 rep at the same time so

I finally hit 500 post~ no spam

I would like to thank the shoutbox for all the rep and ZTG for letting me gift him gold


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Congratulations bro!
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Grats on 500 posts and 50 rep Chigga.

See you at Master in no time.

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Well done, let's see you double both of those.
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Congrats on the 500 posts, Chigga. You'll be at 800 posts and then 1K Rainmaker in no time.
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Short Chigga, but my D long. Happy days.
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Congrats on 500 posts!
Now onto 100 rep. Here's a little to help you along your way
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Good job! Keep the posts rolling and the rep flowing for a good time
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Nice job on hitting 500 posts! Good luck with your goal of hitting 1,000 posts
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Grats my Chigga
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