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Fantasy Football Tips!Posted:

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I just started playing Fantasy Football 2 years ago and I started out clueless, but now I feel as though I have some since of whats going on. Here's some tips for beginners and how to not make mistakes

1. Draft a lot of RBs and WRs: Draft them early exclusively. Normally the first five picks at least will be confined to these two positions. Draft several in the middle, to build depth. Have a couple of bargains to target later. Ultimately, you want no fewer than 10 combined at these positions in 12 team formats that include a Flex spot.

2. Dont reach early: Save your gut picks for later. Come the second half of the draft, that is when you jump a round early on those bargains you dont want to miss. ( Martavis being mine )

3. Wait on QBs: When you pass up a quality RB or WR in the third round for Tom Brady, you spend the rest of the draft chasing that weak spot at RB2 or WR2. It impacts every pick after that ( Believe me I drafted Aaron Rodgers first pick and ended up not even winning a game with that league) your RB2 or WR2 is one round weaker, your Flex is one round weaker, your best backups are weaker, etc. But, if you wait, you still can get some combination of Kirk Cousins, Matthew Stafford, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Phillip Rivers, Eli Manning, etc. We would rather have as much RB/WR stability as we can find and use a QB platoon than have stability at QB but be in search of solid RB or WR options throughout the season.

4. Wait on Tight Ends: Not unlike QBs, the top-tier TEs have significant separation from the rest of pack, making it tempting to snag a top option. But none of those marquee names are sure things. Gronkowski has been injured frequently. I like Travis Kelce, but not in the third round. And normally there are surprise waiver finds who vault toward the top, as with any postion.

5. Wait on DEF/ST and kicker: If you already didn't know this, then I would re-evaluate playing fantasy. Get these the last few rounds and DON'T waste a top pick for one.

If you have any further questions feel free to PM me and ask or post below
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You talk about TE's but you never once mention Jimmy Graham? I'd argue he's a top 4 TE after Gronk, Kelce, Reed. He'd be insane for a fantasy team. He came off of a torn patellar tendon and he still put up, what, like 1k yards? Underrated. But I don't get why there needs to be a dedicated thread to this. Fantasy is pretty straight forward if you watch football every week.
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Nice post should help some people out
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