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Loke finally gets 3,000 postsPosted:

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after some time i spammed the rest of my posts

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inb4 my posts gets deleted

i just wanted to be #1 at something

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anyway thanks for my friends and pets i love you all

i have work in 5 hours so good night

more spam tomorrow

staff don't remove my posts thanks

quick update on whats going on

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i won't accept anything less then #1

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Woop Woop!! Congrats on being spamlord for the night, and for 3k post!!
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Congrats Loke, pls spam until your hearts content

Ps, enjoy work

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Damn Loke your fingers must be smoking
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Congrats on the 3,000 posts. Back into the SB with you so I can catch up.
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Congrats on hitting 3,000 posts and I see you're almost at 1600 rep so hopefully you hit that soon

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  • Christmas!
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Congrats on 3,000 spammer
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Congratulations on 3,000 posts.
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Congrats man!

I'm closing in ;)
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Congratulations bro on 3k lol
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