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TheTechGame LeaderBoards Is Here!Posted:

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We now have the TheTechGame leader boards up and running, and I have been wanting this to happen for a while now. I know everyone is going to absolutely love this. Just want to say a big thank you to the staff at TheTechGame for finally bring this to the site, TeeTeeGee just got a whole lot more brilliant.

You can find the leader boards by following this very very complicated guide. Kappa

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Was it worth waiting up till 5AM for? Yes.
Was it worth missing a day of work for? Yes.

Love it! Love it! Love it!
Can't wait to see future updates
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It's time for the races for top monthly spammer to start. Everybody get pumped and ready, TTG is gonna get wild.

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I think my profile views are safe for now.
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Sick!! Do u want it ackunt.?
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Let the monthly spamming sessions begin
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Profile views are a leaderboard too? Oh god.
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Cool I'm actually on them i feel proud
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Let the fight.. BEGIN
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Very cool idea brought to the site
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