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[Close Please] YouTube allows background images again!Posted:

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I'm not sure how news worthy this is, but I just noticed this when I was using youtube today.
You can upload background images to youtube again.
Go to your channel and click on "edit background image" in the top right corner of your youtube banner.

example of what it might look like.
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I will let you guys know the proper dimensions asap

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Okay so update:

This feature is probably in beta, haven't check, but as of now the way the code is setup backgrounds will not work the way they used to.
Currently the background has no width or height, it uses what ever you uploaded.
So if you upload a 2000x2000 pixel image, then odds are it won't show everything.
and if you upload a 10x10 pixel image, it will be so small that you won't be able to see it unless you turn on the repeat mode.

That being set I have found a site that allows you download patterns and I will make a tutorial on how to use it in the graphics section.
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I think its in beta in the moment not too sure you can also have a dark mode on youtube aswell which is cool
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I hope this actually means being able to change the background and not just the header, would make me actually care about what my youtube looks like if so
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I wanna see it go back to when Partnered channels had the special banner thingy. I was so happy when I got partnered and got to finally use it
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I got the only noob to not to find it, where is it? there's no option to "edit background image" for me (UK)
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I just want 2008 youtube tbh. I want the videos/community to be 2008 again as well.
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I just checked this channel on YouTube and it's not there. And I assume that isn't your channel so I guess it's just a thing where it's only personal to you so no one else will see the picture you chose.

If so, not much point

edit: nvm I guess it is your channel but still.

Second edit: On the other hand, it does just look like a plugin not an actual youtube thing.
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Don't know why they even took this away, to be honest, I liked the old layout alot better.

Thx for the news mate
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What a blast from the past

Maybe ttg is next????
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