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Gold Giveways - Winners Picked Every 2 - 3 Hours Posted:

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As you can see above thats all you have to do to be in for a chance of some shiny new gold!

Thanks to RedWood for his shitty graphics.

I don't know I want the cool badge & I'm to lazy to put effort into this thread due my old one being locked. Anyway my plan is to grind for Suprme Gifter, slow and steady wins the race I'm taking it easy due to new consoles & games coming out I have some money to save hehe

Lets get started.
- Rules -
Please only post once.
Leave a comment on why you deserve gold.
Previous Winners:
Old Gold Thread
New and Improved Winners:

Rep & Thanks are optional and now required but are very appreciated and helps me towards my personal goals

Personal Goals:
1,000 Thanks
1,000 Rep
5,000 Posts

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Why you deserve gold ist that simple!
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I deserve gold because i'm a beautiful princess
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I believe i deserve gold because of all of the hard work that went into the graphics, it took blood sweat, tears and some bodily fluids that's were absorbed with the fantastic TTG shirt get yours now but hurry limited stock available
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i think i deserve gold cus gold is better then silver and right now im tryign to get back into TTG and posting more
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I think I deserve gold because I love you
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  • Halloween!
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i deserve gold because i changed my name to cyberbuiiies and i keep getting roasted and it aint fun
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My pet rock died and my phone's on 2 %
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I deserve gold as I have gifted 200+ people gold so now it's my turn to be gifted
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Hi, I'd like to acquire some Gold from this said giveaway you are hosting at this given time. Thanks are in order and good luck to everybody who participates.
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